Where is the outrage (and news coverage) over the actions of Hillary Clinton, Wasserman-Schultz, Chuck Todd and the DNC's fixing the primaries' outcomes over Bernie? They effectively took democracy out of the equation by getting the super delegates to commit to her before primary votes were cast! They disenfranchised about a third of their own party. Then NBC news has the audacity to insinuate that Trump had a connection to Putin and the Hackers (who hacked 20k emails from a DNC server). So, if you are a Bernie supporter, you got royally screwed by your own party. Dirty back room deals by the DNC and backed by the NBC spin machine took your political voice away. And if you are not sure about voting for Trump, remember this: if Hillary and the DNC are willing to silence members of their own party, how do you think she will act if elected President towards your speech if it does not exactly match hers and the DNC? She will label you as politically incorrect and disenfranchise you, too!

Please help.

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